Upgrades and Maintenance

Backup Force Main

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is installing a new I-69 off ramp to E. 106th Street. INDOT will only permit the City of Fishers (Fishers) to extend one (1) sanitary sewer forcemain beneath I-69. Pursuant to this determination, Fishers is installing a 30” forcemain along the north side of E. 106th Street between the Hamilton Southeastern Utilities 36” forcemain connection at the Lantern Road roundabout and a new vortex drop structure located east of the old Monon RR crossing on E. 106th Street. To retain sanitary forcemain backup capability for the recently refurbished “Old” E. 106th Street & Cumberland Road lift station for emergency backup and annual wet well cleaning of the newer facility, HSEU is having the 16” forcemain connected to the new 30” Fishers forcemain as opposed to the originally planned abandonment by Fishers.

H2S Safety

Jerome Air Monitor
Leading the way in odor control and public safety, HSE Utilities has recently implemented the use of the Jerome J605 air monitor which allows for sampling of Hydrogen Sulfide gas down to 5 parts per billion. Your safety is our number one goal and to ensure it, we will continue to implement state of the art programs and technology.

106th Street Lift Station

  • – Annual wet well cleaning
  • – new controls
  • – VFD drives and 3-150 hp pumps for backup operation through Old lift station during annual cleaning or electrical work regarding newer lift station
  • – New Macerator lift and wench system.

116th Street Lift Station

  • – Control system rewiring

Barrington Lift Station

  • – Rewiring of corroded control panel components

General Upgrades and Maintenance

  • – Rebuild seventeen (17) pump assemblies
  • – Sanitary Sewer MainlineCleaning and Video inspection of 450,000+ lineal feet pipe. (reference website posting for locations)
  • – Engineering review and inspection of new construction project.

Intracoastal Lift Station

  • – Three (3) new macerating 160 hp pumps and control systems
  • – New automated electrical power transfer switch and 400 kVA generator
  • – Replacement of guide rail system
  • – Repair of leaky 12” riser pipe.

Mud Creek Lift Station

  • – Replacement of guide rail system

Springs of Cambridge 2 Lift Station

  • – Check valve and repair/replacement of air release valves

Vermillion Lift Station

  • – Add LED lighting

Thorpe Creek Lift Station

  • – Access drive LED lighting
  • – Installation of 3-100 hp pumps and VFD drives
  • – Replacement of guide rail system.

Springs of Cambridge 5 Lift Station

  • – Rewire corroded control panel components.

106th Street Lift Station

  • – Upgrade of all electrical service wiring
  • – Repair and activation of electrical power backup generation system
  •  – Climate control of main power components and transfer switch gear
  • – Installation of odor control oxidizing system and power ventilation
  • – New VFD drives
  • – New 180 hp pump,

116th Street Lift Station

  • – Rebuild three (3) 160 hp pump wet ends with abrasion resistant stainless steel impellers
  • – New automated generator transfer switch
  • – Clean and coat privacy fence.

Fall Road Lift Station

  • – Added LED lighting

General Upgrades and Maintenance

  • – Twenty three (23) lift station control panel rewiring and component upgrades
  • – Rebuilt thirty-two (32) pump assemblies
  • Added three (3) trailer mounted emergency 116 kVA and 56kVA electrical power generators
  • Added one (1) portable backup  6” trailer mounted engine driven suction lift pump

Intracoastal Lift Station

  • – Installation of odor control oxidizing system
  • – Addition of decorative privacy fencing

Thorpe Creek Lift Station

  • – New automated electrical power transfer switch.

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