If you are looking for GIS information for the previous HSE service area, it has moved to the City of Fishers. The City has purchased the existing CTA and sewer assets. For more information, please reach out to the City of Fishers GIS department. Thank you.

HSE Noblesville Sewer Map – Disclaimer

The map graphics and text files in the HSE Geographic Information System (GIS) (hereinafter referred to collectively as “data”) are representations or copies of original data sources contained within Hamilton Southeastern Utilities, Inc. (“HSE”) records. HSE has not field-verified the information contained in these files, and this data is not intended to replace or modify any site surveys, deeds, plats, original or as built engineering plans or any other drawings or legal documents that establish land ownership, land use, on-site structure locations or site conditions. This data is provided to users with no expressed or implied warranty as to accuracy, quality or completeness for any specific purpose or use. HSE is not responsible for any alterations to the data after it is downloaded or otherwise removed from this website, or for any data that may become outdated with time. Users agree that they are using this data at their own risk, and they indemnify and hold harmless HSE. The receiving party also agrees that the data is confidential and all data will only be used for the contemplated purpose between HSE and the receiving party. The receiving party agrees the data will not be copied, duplicated or disclosed to any third party. All copyright laws are applicable to this data.