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FTP Access

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No Testing Until All Utilities Installed

Gas main bored through existing sanitary sewer pipe

To avoid boring and other accidents like the one represented here, Hamilton Southeastern Utilities, Inc. does not allow testing on manholes and sewer lines until installation of all utilities in the project has completed.


To further assist home builders in the reduction of manhole issues associated with new home construction, the Utility will be checking grade elevations on a limited basis. When a plot plan for a lot associated with a manhole is received the Utility will check the corner and side lot grade elevations for plan compliance prior to issuing plot plan approval. Then prior to sanitary service connection, the same locations will be evaluated again for approved design plan compliance. Sanitary lateral connection will be withheld if the grades for those lots does not comply with approved plan grading design and storm water drainage away from the manhole is not in place. Failure to take corrective action or provide a plan for required action on a date will continue to result in a suspension of plot plan approvals until outstanding manhole issues are remediated.

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